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Coding on the Beach

Savanah Resort

121 Weg Naar Westpunt

Willemstad, Curaçao

+316 52 438 550

[email protected]

The App Academy HQ

Voorwerf 003A, Marineterrein

Kattenburgstraat 5

1018JA  Amsterdam

The Netherlands

+3120 2610 899

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Our team

Daniel Salber

iOS Trainer

Daniel wrote his first lines of Objective-C in 1991 on one of the first NeXTcube’s. Since then he has developed dozens of apps for iOS and Mac OS X for clients across the world. He was a research scientist and teacher specializing in software engineering and user interfaces, working at universities in France and the US and at IBM Research. His specialities include user interfaces, video and security and he’s enthusiastic about Swift.

Ben Smith

iOS Trainer

Ben has been programming software since he was 12 and finds technology interesting. He loves being able to create anything his imagination can think up and put on the screen of a computer or a device. “The iPhone and the App Store were probably one of the most important inventions for developers, as you can produce work that people can see all around the world. It makes it more exciting and fun to do this work.” Ben is a fanatic photographer and scuba diver when he’s not coding.

Jasper Stokman

iOS Trainer

Jasper’s career as an app developer began in 2014 during a bootcamp at The App Academy. Afterwards he worked for 1.5 years as a professional iOS developer. At The App Academy he gained teaching experience and started as an assistant-trainer and has grown into an independent trainer. Besides his work at The App Academy, he works as a freelance iOS developer and gifted actor.

Daan Vonk

UI/UX Trainer

Daan is a UX designer specialised in ideation and concept development. After a study in Naval Architecture he became a graphic designer and later spent many years as story boarder, concept- and script developer.
Thanks to his broad set of skills and constructive analytic brain he can dissect processes to the fundamental building blocks and help develop those into efficient products.

Martijn Wuite

Founder & Sheriff

20+ years of experience growing digital business.
Experience in strategic concepting and product development utilising a wide range of technology stack. Long track record in product development for organisations in news media, advertising, retail and IT.

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